Norster has a 2-seater body made of hand laminated glass fibre. The doors open vertically for easy access in and out. The motor cover opens with the help of an electric motor.

Norster is homologated as a “quad” inside European Union, but all the controls are like in a normal car. It can be driven easily by anybody with a standard driver’s licence.

The engine of Norster comes from a big manufacturer: Chery Acteco. The 580cc power plant is a modern, electronically controlled design. It is economical to run and service. The modest max effect of the motor enhances reliability and trouble free kilometres. Norster 600R meets EURO IV emission standards.

Norster is built on a strong race car like steel tube frame. In its vehicle class, Norster offers excellent safety in the case of an accident. Norster features 4-point safety belts for the driver and the passenger. The precise driving characteristics and excellent visibility enhance active safety.

Norster is fun to drive on winding roads. It is small, it is nimble and agile. There are double A-arms and anti sway bars both front and rear. The engine is located in the middle of the car. Just like in those exotic sports cars.