What is a heavy quadricycle?

Heavy quadricycle is a vehicle in L7e class. L7e is a vehicle class in the countries of European Union. L7e vehicle can be an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), miniature passenger car or a sports car like Norster 600R. The mass of a heavy quadricyle must be less than 400kg (or 550kg if homologated as a vehicle for transportation of goods) and the max effect less than 15kW.

How does a heavy quadricycle differ from a normal car?

Not much, a heavy quadricycle like Norster is a small car. Its max power is modest by modern standards, but at the same time it weights only about half as musch as normal cars. Norster can keep up with the pace of modern traffic without any difficulties.

What kind of driver’s licence is needed?

This differs from country to country. In most European countries a normal car driver’s licence and 18 years of age is required.


A heavy quadricycle must be insured just like all vehicles driven on public roads. You should shop for good offer from different insurance companies. Many companies are not familiar with heavy quadricycles, so the offers you receive from different companies may vary a lot. Usually Norster is cheaper to insure than a normal car and much cheaper than motorcycle.

Road tax?

This differs from country to country. Usually a heavy quadricycle is free of annual road tax.

Crash tests?

Euro NCAP crash test is not required for heavy quadricycles, but the manufacturer has done some tests of its own. We think that Norster is exceptionally strong for a quadricycle, but naturally not as strong as modern full size passenger car. Norster is used typically on picturesque small roads at moderate speeds, when sun is shining and birds are singing. You don't want to use Norster in bad weather on high speed motorways.


No official figures available. Carbon dioxide is released when gasoline is burnt. The more you drive, the more emissions are released. Light vehicles with small displacement motors produce typically less emissions per kilometre than heavy vehicles with large motors.

Can Norster be driven outside Europe?

Yes of course, but at the moment there are no any actions to homologate Norster 600 R outside European Union. Norster does not have the EPA/DOT approval at the moment.